Moose Creek Rods and Knives

Moose Creek Rods and Knives custom fly fishing equipment
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I have been in and around flyfishing for 40 years. I made my first custom hunting knife and sheath in 1968, and soon after picked up a flyrod. From there it led to flytying, collecting fishing books, making custom tying tools, converting, repairing and restoring bamboo rods, teaching tying classes, and finally writing about all of the above. I even ended up working in a flyshop for six years. Now, at age 68, I spend most of my time either standing in a trout stream somewhere, or in my shop working on my rods and knives.

If you have reached that next level of flyfishing that calls you to bamboo rods and small off the track streams filled with wild tiny trout, I want you to consider one of my Classic Brooktrout rods. Made with the designs and materials that reached their climax during bamboo’s golden age, fishing one will be an unforgettable experience.

Few things in flyfishing are more rewarding than combining bamboo; hand-tied flies; clear, rushing mountain brooks; and wild beautiful trout. Life just doesn’t get any better!